Event Guest Policy - Updated

Student group run events hosted by SGI recognized organizations are responsible to serve and engage the St. John’s Community. In some cases, guests are approved to attend programs and events sponsored by organizations. All attendees, including students, administrators, and faculties are required to submit a valid St. John’s storm card for event entry. All approved external guests, including event attendees and vendors are required to present valid government issued identification for event entry.

Request for external guests to participate in student group run events must be approved by the Office of Operations and Event Support Services, the Office of Public Safety and your student group advisor. Follow the steps below to request a Pre-registered guest policy for a student run event on the Queens campus.  If the request is approved you will receive an email confirmation, including the required registration link and additional instructions. If you do not receive a confirmation at least two weeks before the event date, your event will have a St. John's only policy and outside guests will not have apporval to attend.

The purpose of the approval process is to ensure both the Operations Events team and the office of Public Safety have sufficient labor and equipment to supply for the event check-in stations. St. John's student run events are not open to the public.

Note: All student run events will be scheduled for swiping by the Office of Operations and Event Support Services. Meetings in classrooms and tabling are excluded from swiping.

Steps to request Pre-Registered  guest policies for on-campus events:

  • Note on the event reservation request;
  • Complete the Resource Agreement with Operations and Event Support Services at least 3 weeks in advance and select Pre-Registered as the requested guest policy;
  • Also, notify your Student Group Advisor at least 3 weeks before the event date. Major events may require more than 3 weeks to approve.

Prepare to share the following informtion for your requests:

  • a brief event overview of event and why you would like to invite outside guests;
  • the pass confirmation, if available;
  • the expected number of external guests you expect to attend the event.
  • confirm if the event is catered towards families/parents, alumni or students.

After completing the steps, your student group advisor will provide you with an update on your request.

Note: There are only two (2) event guest policies options:

1. St. John’s only: Current St. John's Students, Faculty, Administrators and Staff can attend event.

2. Pre-Registered Guest list: Invited guests who are not St. John's students, administrators or staff can use a link provided by the Operations and Event Support staff to register students and guests to attend a St. John's student organization event. You will need to follow the steps outlined on this page to request a pre-registered guest policy. Requests must be approved and are subject to being denied and capacity restictions apply. For major events meet with your Student Groups Advisor or a member of the Campus Activities support team, 6 to 8 weeks in advance to discuss options. Remember St. John's student organization events are for current students and are not open to the general public unless approved in advance.

Tips for completing a pre-registered outside guest rsvp using the approved link:

  • Enter Guest First Name (as written on state ID)
  • Enter Guest Last Name (as written on state ID)
  • Enter Name of Institution
  • Enter Guest Address
  • Enter Guest Date of Birth
  • Enter Guest Phone Number
  • Enter Guest Email

Due to a series of unfortunate events the 1-1 guest policy at the door is no longer an option. All invitied guests must pre-register to attend a St. John's student organization event.

For each guest policy there is a different check-in process.

St. John’s Only Event Check-In Standard Process

  • At the Operation & Event Support check-in station, the St. John's student is required to present an active St. John's StormCard.
  • Once the St. John's student completes the check in process, they can enter the event space and enjoy the program.
  • It is to the discretion of the administrators and staff present during the event to determine and communicate with the group's leadership when the event has reached capacity.
  • Please note Public Safety may be present at the event for additional support.

When approved for a pre-registered guest list Policy:

  • The organization leaders will receive an email confirmation and rsvp link to share with students and guests to sign up for the event. Organizations are required to use the link provided in the confirmation.
  • The RSVP link will close on a specifed date and your assigned student group advisor will share the list with Public Safety and Operations.
  • Approved students and guests will receive an email confirming their reservatoin for the event and additional instructions for the day of event check-in process.  
  • Students are required to present valid physical storm cards and guests are required to present valid state ID for entry. All parties are subject to security check.

Statment of Authority

  • The Office of Student Conduct (OSC) reserves the right to address the behavior of all student organizations, regardless of whether that behavior occurs on-campus or off-campus.Student organizations and its members may be found collectively responsible for any action committed by members that violate University policy. Disciplinary action taken against student organizations may be separate from action taken against individual members. Facts of an incident may necessitate action taken against both a student organization and the individual members of that organization who were found to have violated University policy.

Language for flyers and Promotions:

Include on all promotions for student run events approved for St. John's Only Policy to: This event is exclusive to St. John's University students and is not open to the public.

Include on all promotions for events approved for a Pre-registered guest policy: The Guest Policy is for St. John's Students and reserved guests to accompany them to the event. This event is closed to the public and open to the St. John's community and reserved guests only.