Frequently Asked Questions & Training Resources

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SGI Recognition

How do I know if my group is recognized by Student Government, Inc.?

My group is not recognized, how can my group become recognized by SGI?

Email Notifications and Executive Board Changes

How do I know if I’m a top 4 student leader?

How do we submit executive board changes to Campus Activities?

Members of my executive board would like to switch positions; how do we update Campus Activities?

How do I receive email notifications from Campus Activities?

Student Leader Training and Resources

Are student leaders required to participate in leadership training?

When is the Student Leader Training and how do I register?

I registered for one of the Student Leadership Training dates; however, I am no longer available for that date and would like to switch my date?

I was recently elected as a top 4 board member and I missed the deadline to register for the SLT training, can I still register?

I cannot attend the in-person student leader training and I missed the deadline to request an online accommodation, what should I do?

Activity Grant-In-Aid

What is AGIA?

Who is eligible?

The process to apply for Activity Grant-in-Aid has closed, can I still apply?

Can I apply for Activity Grant-in-Aid next year?

Meetings and Programs

Can we begin to plan in-person events?

My group has traditionally planned large events and parties, can we host these types of events on campus?

Can my group attend an event off-campus?

I submitted an event reservation request, but haven’t received a confirmation email. What do I do?

How do I cancel or revise an event pass?

I received my event confirmation and PDF. Do I need to submit an event resource agreement?

Are non-SJU guests allowed to attend events?

Are alumni allowed to attend events?

It is the day of my event and there is an issue with the event setup, what do I do?

Activity Hours

What are Activity Hours and assigned rooms?

How do I locate my activity room assignment?

My group was not assigned an Activity Hour room for the 2023-2024 year

Can I change my room assignment?

Vendors & Contracts

How do I contract a professor, alumni, speaker, DJ or third-party/external vendor?

If the professor, alumni, speaker, DJ or third-party/external vendor, do I still need a contract?

Who signs a contract or invoice?

Budgets & Engage

When will I receive an update on my group’s budget or special allocation request?

My group would like to apply for Special Allocation to assist with funding an event scheduled before September 29, 2023. Can we apply?

Why are requests over $1,000 for events taking place before September 29, 2023 not eligible for Special Allocation?

Are special allocation requests guaranteed?

What is Engage?

How do I access my student group Engage Account?

What is the process to submit a reimbursement request?

Where can I access information on policies and procedures from SGI?


Can I have a table near another group of my choice?

How can I confirm my group signed up for the Activities Fair?

What time is table distribution for the Activities Fair?

How can I engage with new students to generate interest in my organization?

When is the Fall Activities Fair?