Queen’s campus life

Community Development exists as a resource for students by providing high quality programs, services, and developmental opportunities. Located on the first floor of the D’ Angelo Center (DAC), you can find many offices where we provide year-round services for students that will enable you to get involved and leave your mark on St. John’s!

D’Angelo Center First Floor Offices

The Office of Campus Activities

Room 121 | studentactivities@stjohns.edu

(718) 990-5400

The Student Resource Center

Room 125 | studentactivities@stjohns.edu

(718) 990-5400

The Office of Multicultural Affairs

Room 124 (within 121 Suite) | oma-irc@stjohns.edu

(718) 990-2011

The Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life

Room 130 | fsl@stjohns.edu

(718) 990-5400

Student Operations & Event Support Services

Room 127 | stuoperations@stjohns.edu

(718) 990-1423

The Office of Campus Activities

The Office of Campus Activities, located in the D’Angelo Center, exists to promote student learning, both in and out of the classroom, by providing high quality programs, services, and developmental opportunities. Campus Activities supplements the academic education of the St. John’s curricula by providing both practical organizational skills and the opportunity to collaboratively work with and for the benefit of the local and University community.

With well over 100 clubs, organizations, and programming boards, there are endless ways to get involved with campus life, which will result in an enhanced university experience through development of, exposure to, and involvement in social, cultural, intellectual, recreational, governance, leadership, and volunteer programs. Ultimately your campus involvement will result in creating a sense of community for you, your fellow students, as well as students to come.

To that end, the Office of Campus Activities is a dedicated team of professionals who are here to support students in developing leadership and organizational skills as well as personal and professional growth. We strive to make your experience here an enjoyable and rewarding complement to your academic experience. Never hesitate to seek assistance or information whenever you need help. We are here for you.