Student Government, Inc. (SGI)

Student Government, Incorporated (SGI) represents the student body of St. John’s University as the umbrella organization for all student organizations. In conjunction with Campus Activities, SGI is responsible for the coordination and regulation of the undergraduate activities and organizations on campus. SGI is dedicated to the progress of St. John’s University and the overall enhancement of your undergraduate experience.

Organization Congress

Two to three times a semester, SGI meets with an Executive Board member (President, Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer) from each organization during a platform called Organization Congress. It is important that each representative signs in and out of Organization Congress meetings to get credit for attending; otherwise their organizations SGI budget will be frozen until the next organization congress meeting. All Organization Congress meetings are 1:50 - 3:15 during common hour.

SGI Executive board

President: Nawsin Kamal

Vice President: Sana Farooqi

Secretary: Jennie Vosilla

Treasurer: Paul Gaylor

Speaker of the Senate: Cynthia Adebayo |

Senior Programming Coordinator: Samantha Sebathu |

For more information, please visit SGI in their office located on the second floor of the D‘Angelo Center in Room 215 or call (718) 990-1587.