Professional Development Committee

Want to attend a conference or convention?

Student Government recognized organizations that do not do not fall under the Inter-Greek Council are eligible to request funds for the purpose of attending a conference or convention relating to their organization and mission from the Professional Development Committee. Organizations have the opportunity to apply for funds that will cover a maximum of 4 members by using both SGI & Student Affairs funding.

Step by Step Process

1. Fill out and submit the “Application for Professional Development” with all required documents 30 days prior to the event/conference/convention (no exceptions). Forms are to be submitted on Engage.

2) The following materials are required to be submitted in order to be considered for funding:

  • Convention Brochure - An agenda of activities and workshops being held at the convention and the associated cost of attending.
  • Hotel Brochure - A brochure, pamphlet, or pre-bill including rates and number of students staying in the hotel.
  • Brief statement - Explain the reasons your organization would like to attend the convention or conference and what you intend to bring back to the St. John’s campus and organization. In addition, if you apply as an organization, provide a brief explanation regarding why the four individuals were chosen to represent your organization.
  • Convention - For those students planning to present at a professional conference or for students who have returned from a conference/convention that was funded in part by this program, you are required to provide a presentation/overview, detailing what you learned and sharing this knowledge with the St. John’s community. This can be in the form of a program, general body meeting, tabling session, etc.

The request will be declined if the aforementioned documents are not submitted with the request.

3. The organization’s representative will be notified by Joni O’Hagan of the date, time (15 minute block of time), and location for the upcoming Professional Development Meeting. An organization representative will need to be present, preferably someone from the Executive Board to make a brief, yet informative, presentation to the Professional Development Committee members.

4. The student or organization will be notified by Joni O’Hagan via email if the event/conference/convention received full funding, partial funding, potential funding, or was denied funding.

5. After a request for a conference or convention has been approved, a new budget line containing funds for your PDC-approved event will be entered on your organization’s budget page on Engage.

6. The check can be picked up from Miriam Marshall in DAC room 215 by the organization’s representative or the check can be mailed at your request.