Student Organizations are allowed to raise money in an effort to further support future events or for charity. Money will not be raised for individuals or personal purposes. The guidelines for the collection of money are as follows:

All profits made from sales, tickets, raffles, etc. must be deposited into the organization’s Earned Income Account by the following business day.

Revenue from events:

• Operations will provide a “Start-up bank” for an event and will handle cash collection at the door. Patrons will not be allowed to enter the venue until the proper cash transaction is available. “Start-up” cash provided to the organization must be replenished to Operations during the money drop at the conclusion of the event.

• All money collected at the event will be counted and verified by the On-Site Administrator, Operations Manager, and a representative of the organization hosting the event. This will be done to ensure accurate attendance count(s) and to hand deliver the nightly earnings over to the Department of Public Safety. Earnings will then be deposited in the organization’s Earned Income Account on the following business day.

To request additional funding for an event:

  • Student Government Budget Committee - Special Allocation
  • Campus Activities Board (CAB) - For more information, visit the CAB web page here.

To request funding to attend a conference or convention:

  • Professional Development Committee