SGi Organizations Budget Procedures for 2023-2024

Requisition for Payment of Bills & Budget Form

If you are a SGI-recognized budgetary organization, you have access to money allocated to your organization by SGI, pending your executive board's completion of the Student Leadership Training.

These funds can be used for anything but;

• Transportation fees

• Giveaways/prizes

• Fundraising Items

• Trophies/certificates

• Contributions to charities

• Alcohol

• Taxes

• Expedited Shipping

In order to be reimbursed for a purchase using your allocated budget, you must complete a purchase request form on Engage. You need to upload an original receipt that includes the name of the store/company as well as the date the purchase was made, and itemized list of purchases, which must be in PDF format. Your request will be denied if it is not a PDF document.

You will also need to thoroughly explain what the money is being used for in the description area of the form. All reimbursements must be submitted within two weeks of the event and no later than the May 1, 2024 when the academic year ends.

Pro Tip: Ask the vendor you are working with if the check can be cut directly to them.