What is a constitution?

The constitution is the document that describes the nature and intent of your organization and outlines how it will operate. Constitutions should be reviewed roughly every two years to ensure that the regulations are still practical and applicable to the organization.

What should a constitution include?

Quorum: The minimum number of members that must be present in order for business to be officially conducted (voting, etc.)

Definition of executive positions & duties: This should also include their tenure (maximum terms they can hold)

Constitutional Amendments: Amendments should be made by a collective body - either the executive board or the executive board and general body members

How to conduct elections: Secret ballots, appointments, etc.

IMPORTANT: Changes to the constitution should not be made each year, and if changes occur, they must never be made to suit any one individual or one personality. Members should take into consideration the long-term effects that changes will have on the organization, as well as the members and students the organizations will serve.

Constitution Format

Article I: Name and Purpose

Section 1: This organization will be known as ...

Section 2: The purpose of this organization will be…

Article II: Membership

Section 1: Membership will be open to all undergraduate students taking ninecredit hours or more.

Section 2: In order to be considered a member, students must attend 50% ofmeetings and events for each semester.

Article III: Officers

Section 1: The executive board of this organization will be the President, VicePresident, Secretary, and Historian.

Article IV: Meetings

Section 1: Regular meetings will be common hour of the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month.

Section 2: Special meetings must be given with at least 24 hours notice.

Article V: Committees

Section 1: The standing committees will be finance, community service...

Section 2: Provisions for forming any special committees as needed.

Article VI: Elections

Section 1: Elections must be done by secret ballot.

Section 2: All elections must take place before March 31st

Article VII: Amendments

Section 1: All changes must be made by a two-thirds majority vote of the executiveboard and must be ratified by the general body.