Transition of Leadership

The transition of leadership is one of the most important responsibilities of student leaders. Passing on information to successive leaders ensures that new officers are prepared to provide the organizations with effective leadership.

Information about the 2024-2025 election transition process will release Spring 2024.

An effective turnover of leadership:

• Provides the information necessary for the organization to function

• Minimizes the loss of momentum and accomplishment for the group

• Increases the confidence of the new leadership

• Provides a sense of continuity from year to year

• Helps the incoming leadership benefit from the special expertise, organizational knowledge, and learning experiences of the outgoing leadership.

You should keep track of:

• Procedures and traditions

• Publicity Samples

• Networking contracts

• Event timelines

• Contract information

• Questions and Issues

• Ideas and insight

As an outgoing officer, it is important to:

• Complete Registration forms with new executive board information and submit to Campus Activities (including; name, address, phone number, email, and X numbers)

• Hand in Student Government Inc., budget packet- Which must be signed by incoming President and Treasurer.

Things to pass on:

• Constitution and Bylaws

• Financial Records

• Relevant Files

• Previous minutes and reports

• Resources and contract lists (agents, vendors, and members)

• Make sure new officers are informed about budget and registration process for summer and fall

• Alumni contact information

• Student Organizations Manual

• Social Media Account Information (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Email)

• Access to shared drives or USB sticks with electronic files associated with the organization.

Transition packets with step by step instructions will go out in the Spring. Please reference the Org Timeline distributed at the Student Leadership Conference for an outline of how the transition process should move forward.

Check out your Organization Transition Folder on the Engage portal for information from the previous Executive Board.