Starting an organization

Power 2 Organize

A new student may gather information in the Spring semester, and petition for recognition at the beginning of the Fall semester. Only currently registered St. John’s University students in good academic standing may start an organization. You will need to participate in the Power to Organize Process for Fall 2023 facilitated by SGI, Inc.  The application process and guidelines are typically released at the beginning of the academic year and all students have the option to petition for recognition under SGI Inc on the Queens campus.

Note participation in the Power to Organize Process does not guarantee recognition. The process and requirements can change every year and are based on the guidelines set forth by the SGI Executive Board. At the beginning of the fall semester please connect with SGI, Inc for more information.  Below are some tips to prepare for petitioning; the process is created by and for recognition under SGI-Queens and is released in the Fall semester.

Renewing an Inactive Organization:

Similar to starting a new organization, students interested in reactivating an existing organization must complete the “Application for Power to Re-Organize,” and follow the steps for starting a new organization.

Round 1: Info Sessions- September 17th

There will be a recorded Zoom meeting where specific deadlines for the P2O process and requirements for presentations will be reviewed.

Application and Resources Released- September 19th

Applications will be emailed. Applicants will be added to a microsoft teams group where they can view different resources and the information powerpoint.

Round 2: Application Submission - Due September 27th


Create a roster of at least 25 students including your E-board on excel, with designations given for E-board members - Find a faculty moderator.

Compile a tentative calendar of events the organization will be hosting for both Fall and Spring semesters.

Consider how the organization will spend the given budget - Create a constitution that outlines the roles of each position and templates will be provided.

Invited applicants can register for presentations using the sign-up form.

Round 3 Invitation Email - October 1st-2nd

Invited applicants can register for presentations using the sign up form

Presentation Submissions - October 8th

Presentations will be submitted in advance before actually presenting them through an online form

Round 3: Presentation Weekend - October 15-16 & 22-23

Round 3 Virtual Presentations via Zoom to the Organizations Committee where applicants will be scored on a rubric that will be provided ahead of time.

The allotted time for each organization to present is 10 mins. and 3 mins. for questions, with the zoom meeting recorded.

4 members of the E-board must attend the presentation.

Round 4 Invitation Email - October 28th

Round 4: Presentations - November 1st-5th

Recorded zoom meetings of the selected applicants will be emailed to SGI senators, who will use the scoring rubric

SGI Review of Round 4 Presentations - November 7th

SGI E-board and Senate will be emailed virtual grading form and submit it with their final rankings following discussion at the SGI meeting

Recognition Email