Organization Responsibilities & Requirements

As a Leader of an organization, it is your responsibility to:

• Attend all department and Student Government, Inc. mandatory meetings

• Complete and submit monthly budget reports, documents, constitutions, and annual registration forms

• Keep sufficient records of the organization’s meeting and events

• Build a relationship with your Student Group Advisor

• Serve as a role model to other students and community members

• Effectively assess your fellow constituent’s wants and needs and use that information to produce programs that encompass the St. John’s Mission and promote academic excellence and social enrichment for all participants.


There is tremendous value in being a student leader! Skills you will develop include:

• Accountability

• Time Management

• Self-Efficacy

• Problem Solving

• Communication

• Ability to Motivate

• Emotional Intelligence

• And More!

Requirements: Things you do not want to forget!

Registration Process:

To ensure the longevity of your organization, make sure at the end of the spring semester, you complete all steps in the organization transition packets.

All Organizations must register with the Office of Campus Activities every spring semester to remain active and receive all eligible privileges.

During the month of February, the Office of Campus Activities will email transition packets to the existing top 4 executive board leaders (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer). The steps in these packets are to be completed by both the outgoing executive board as well as the newly elected executive board for the organization. A transition training will be held by SGI on April 12th and will focus on ensuring a proper transition for materials not involved in the transition packet.

All Organization Transition steps must be completed no later than March 31, 2024 by 5PM. Upon receipt, the new information is entered into our database and the new executive board will receive information regarding the budget, Activity Grant in Aid, and other valuable material.

Note: Should your organization’s officers change mid-year, notify your Student Affairs Group and the office of Campus Activities immediately.

Should the material not be submitted to the Office of Campus Activities, there is no way of knowing who new student leaders are and Campus Activities cannot be responsible for the budget and other penalties, including loss of financial privileges.

Organizational Congress Meeting

Twice a semester Student Government, Inc holds mandatory organizational congress meetings. The purpose of these meetings is to update student leaders on information that might affect their group, to allow for dialogue between student leaders and SGI, and to create an opportunity for networking between student leaders and administration. Note: Remember to sign in and sign out. Your organization will be considered absent without both signatures.

Should your organization not have representation at an organization congress meeting, the organization’s SGI budget will be fined 5%.

Student Leadership Training (SLT)

All top four executive board members (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer) of an organization are required to attend the annual Student Leadership Conference. Registration for the conference is included in the Executive Board Registration form that each incoming officer must complete during the spring semester. To receive credit for attending the SLT, student leaders must also complete an online training beforehand to learn about key policies and procedures that they will encounter as a student leader.

Failure to attend the training and complete the exam can negatively impact your oganization status, restrict your access to funding, or deactivate your group.

Membership & Roster

To remain recognized under SGI, the organizations must have at least 10 active members. A roster of active members must be maintained by the organization.No organization shall discriminate in policy or action on the grounds of race, religion, color, national and/or ethnic origin, age sex, marital status or disability.


Every organization is required to maintain an up to date constitution. A copy of the constitution must be uploaded as a PDF to the organization’s Engage portal, and stored under the “Files” feature. For more, please visit the constitutions page.

Should you have any questions regarding Organization Congress, Power to Organize, or anything having to do with your organization’s requirements this year, please contact the exectuive board of Student Government, Inc via email at