Activity Grant-in-aid (AGIA)

What is Activity Grant-In-Aid?

The Activity Grant-in-Aid (AGIA) Program was designed to reward students who have made positive contributions to the University through student organizations and leadership.

Eligibility to apply:

  • Students who have been appointed or elected to a Top 4 Executive Board position (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) for the next academic year can apply.
  • Students must be full-time, matriculated undergraduates in good disciplinary and academic standing (minimum 2.75 GPA).
  • Students cannot hold more than 3 Executive Board positions in an academic year.

Application Process & Criteria

Application criteria includes:

  • Student Organization activities and responsibilities
  • Individual achievement and goals
  • The ability to organize an effective essay
  • Creation of your Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT)
  • It is important to note that a student leader’s position does not guarantee them a grant.
    The student application is reviewed, not the position.

The Activity Grant-In-Aid (AGIA) application process has been designed to mirror the art of resume writing. As involved student leaders on campus, our goal is to help you begin thinking about your career goals and how to present the skills and achievements you have learned at St. John’s University. Applicants are strongly encouraged to consider this process as a professional application, deserving of the same sense of urgency as an application for a job.