Publicity Policies


Your organization’s Student Affairs Advisor must approve all publicity materials prior to distribution. Failure to do so will result in a violation and publicity will be taken down.

  • First violation: Organization will get a warning and the offense will be noted.
  • Second violation: Budget will be frozen until an explanation for the reason of the violation is given and approved.
  • Third violation: A fine of $25 will be imposed against the organization’s earned income. If no earned income exists, the organization’s budget will be frozen until the next Organizational congress.
  • Fourth violation: No publicity will be approved for the rest of the semester

Flier Policy

All fliers must be stamped by the organization’s Student Affairs Advisor. Bring 1 copy to your SA Advisor/Campus Activities Office. They will approve with a stamp, and you will be able to move forward with stamped copies to distribute.

Fliers will not be approved if the necessary information is unclear, missing, or inappropriate.

After the flier is stamped, a member of the organization is responsible for going to the Co-Op Copy Center and making copies of the flier. Bring 10 copies of these fliers to Operations in DAC 127, who will hang them in DAC. Ten (10) additional copies of flyers to be displayed in designated bulletin boards throughout the D’Angelo Center.

Fliers can be brought 10 days prior to the event when the Event Agreement is submitted. They also will not accept fliers within 5 days of the event. (This is to prevent fliers from being displayed for too short or too long of a time period).

Fliers should be portrait orientation on regular sized paper, 8.5 x 11. For larger boards, please inquire with Operations (size: 2 x 3).

Important Notes About Fliers

  • One per organization, per event, per bulletin board and affixed only to bulletin boards. No windows, doors, stairways, etc.
  • Are not to be hung on any wall in any building even if the bulletin boards are filled to capacity.
  • May not be hung or left in the stairwells of any building.
  • Absolutely no reproduction of copyrighted material will be approved.

Please Note:

In getting your materials approved, please be respectful of your Student Affairs Advisor’s schedule and give them ample time to approve your content. Additionally, Campus Concierge does not post fliers daily and posting times/days may vary.

Miscellaneous Publicity Guidelines

  • No OUTSIDE companies are allowed to advertise on campus. On-campus publicity only!!
  • To avoid publicity violation, remove all advertisements within two days after your event/activity.
  • Do not publicize sale of property, parties, employment opportunities, books, tutoring, apartments, etc.
  • Do not remove publicity material of other organizations. If the information is outdated, or unapproved, inform your Student Life Advisor.
  • Do not remove, move, or cover publicity for a SJU University or Department Event