Event Setups


All event set-up requirements, including a setup diagram(s) for each event, must be indicated on the Student Organization Online Room Reservation and Event Setup Form. Forms without an indicated set-up will not be processed. All final revisions must be made at least one (1) week prior to an event, in order to assure that the proper set-up can be provided.

The Offices of Conference Services will notify the Student Life - Calendar Clearance Personnel, and/or Student Life Advisor, in advance, of any changes or inability to fulfill special setup requirements.

Decorations and Lighting

To further secure the safety of all patrons at SJU events, a minimum level of lighting will be required for all venues. The following guidelines apply to the lighting policies for events at St. John’s University:

Lights will be kept at a minimum level for all events occurring at assigned locations such as: Marillac Auditorium, The Little Theatre, Carnesecca Arena, and Montgoris Dining Hall.

Please Note: Security lights will remain on in Marillac Terrace A, B, and C at all times and cannot be controlled by Operations or the Department of Public Safety.

Event organizers are not allowed to control the house lights for any event. Only Operations Staff, Facilities personnel, and/or Public Safety Officers are allowed to control the lights for an event. Blocking or obstructing lights is strictly prohibited.

No additional lighting will be provided to organizations by Operations. Please seek an outside vendor for additional lighting needs.

Decorations that do not need to be affixed to the wall can be brought in as long as they are removed (i.e. Centerpieces, Balloons, etc.). Banners must be hung on a railing. Any form of tape cannot be used on the walls or windows, and smoke machines are prohibited.

Events Needing Additional Equipment

Any event requiring additional furniture/equipment must be requested on the room request form, and approved by the organizations’ Student Affairs Advisor. This may include:

• Pipe & Drape

• Extra Buffet Tables (6ft)

• Podiums

• Garbage Cans (Rollaways)

• Audiovisual Equipment (Microphones, Projects, etc.) - please see chart

If additional tables are needed, outside of what the University can provide, the organization/department will be responsible for rental of the additional table through an outside vendor, including the cost of the rental.