Event Changes Requests

I got my event approved but didn't receive a pass! Now what?

Please do not submit another request! If you have submitted an event request through CourseDog and would like to make a change to this request (resources needed, date, time, location, etc.) make sure it is early enough to do so (not within 1 week of event unless contacted by Campus Activities or Conference Services).

Follow these instructions:

1. Email our Student Affairs' Manager Amanda at Student Affairs Events saevents@stjohns.edu, AND copy (cc) your Student Group Advisor. In the email, please include:

  • The student organization of each event request
  • The title of each event request
  • The date of each event request
  • The start and end times of each event request
  • The location of each event request

2. State clearly all changes you are requesting to make with as much detail as possible. Please note we will attempt to accommodate all change requests to the best of our ability.

PLEASE NOTE: The Office of Operations is not obligated to contact any organizations and/or departments in regards to their contract and it’s due date.

Failure to follow the above mentioned, including the 10 business day minimum submission timeline, may result in the cancellation of the planned event, or limited support from Operations.