Contracts & Vendors

When do I need a contract/agreement/rider?

Whenever a student organization plans an event involving a DJ, caterer, speaker, performer, or outside vendor/service, a STUDENT GOVERNMENT, INC. CONTRACT/RIDER IS REQUIRED.

The Student Government, Inc. President will not sign any agreements for events that have already occurred. As a result, the contracting party will not be paid. Failure to follow the Contract request process can result in the suspension of your organization and the cancellation of your organization's event.

How does the process work?

Step 1

Fill out and submit the Contract Request Form.

Step 2

Your Student Affairs Advisor will review your request. If approved, they will send the contract/rider to you. You will then need to fill in the template, and get it signed by the individual/company providing the service.

Step 3

Once you receive the signed contract and rider back from your guest, send it to your SA Advisor. This will need to be reviewed and signed by them, the Dean of Students, Legal Counsel, and SGI President.

Step 4

Once approved, the SGI President signs the contract and you're good to go!

Any provisions that do not apply (i.e. service of alcohol, transportation, etc.) that were not agreed upon between you and vendor may be crossed out.

Plan Ahead. Get contract information for outside sources 4 to 5 weeks prior to an event. This will allow your advisor enough time to get the contract reviewed and approved. Failure to submit complete contract paperwork in sufficient time can result in the cancellation of an event.

NEVER sign a contract. These contracts are legal binding documents between Student Government, Inc. and a third party. By signing a contract, YOU are taking on the responsibilities of the service and as a result, YOU are agreeing to pay the vendor, not SGI. ONLY the Student Government President has the power to sign contracts.